The Cory Wilds Band is an energetic three piece unit that blends elements of traditional Rock, Blues and Jazz with a more modern tonality to create their unique and powerful guitar driven sound.

Layers of soft rippling tones can transform into ragged distorted bursts of searing guitar that ride on tight grooving bass lines and tasty drumming to create “a modern sound with an old soul.”

The trio formed in 2009 as a cover band and has continued its transformation into an original act with diverse yet distinct artistic influences and a high-octane live presence on stage.


Dynamic leader of the power trio

Dynamic leader of the power trio Photo by Crystalline Photography

American music guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Cory Wilds is known for a diverse yet distinct blend of Blues, Roots and Rock. His high energy trio is known for breakneck live shows that feature plenty of guitar stylings.

Born in Renton, WA USA in 1970, Cory was exposed to a diverse palette of music at a young age. As the youngest of six children the influence from older siblings was great. He developed a love of classic guitar rock and paid close attention to the band that rehearsed next door at the time. The guitar would become a natural an instant companion for Cory who began playing and writing at age eleven, eventually forming a band and playing professionally at age fifteen. Soon after he began teaching guitar and still does today. He attended college for music and recorded several albums of original music while there. Travel throughout the U.S. over the coming years exposed Cory to an eclectic mix of American music which began to mix freely in his compositions and his live shows started to incorporate elements of Blues, Jazz and Country. His current trio, The Cory Wilds Band, features the culmination of this process and his new release, “Everything You Need” promises to be a buffet of guitar treats.The title track illustrates the aggressive blues and rock meld Cory is known for while the instrumental “Soul Sublimation” leads in with a Jazzy vibe and a light octave melody that seems quite removed stylistically. Follow this with the hot rodded chicken pickin in “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and you can see why a description of Cory’s band can prove to be tough.



Mark Fluegel resides in Des Moines, Washington and plays Sadowsky NYC and Metro basses through an Eden WT-800 amplifier with an

Bad ass bass player

Bad Ass bass player Photo by Crystalline Photography

Eden 4×10-XLT cabinet. Mark’s style incorporates many musical influences from varied genres including artists such as James Jamerson, John Paul Jones, and Derek Smalls. His playing style features a fat groove and a big sound.







The straight man/drummer

The straight man/drummer Photo by Crystalline Photography

Ronnie Muir has been playing drums since he was 13. He and his brothers have played all over the USA with all the greats. He is a seasoned veteran and can hold his own with the best.